Crazysoft Paintball II

Crazysoft Paintball II S60 3rd 1.3

Top quality ball-based mobile game


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Five different game modes
  • Multi-player via Bluetooth
  • High scores table


  • Annoying sound

Very good

I played paintball once and nearly lost a thumb so, for me, a version where it's impossible to get hurt is something I'd love to see. Unfortunately Crazysoft Paintball isn't an exact copy of the barbaric shooting-people-in-a-field game, but it does involve paint. And balls.

The goal of this puzzle game is to join three or more balls of the same color and ensure they are next to a pipe. Once in place, you select them then splat them with paint using the action key. The balls will then change color and get sucked into the pipe, leaving more space on the board for you to make your next batch.

It's an interesting twist on an over-done gaming concept, and as you master the combos and pump up the points, it becomes more and more addictive. What's more, the longevity of the game is extended by the inclusion of five different game modes.

Besides the normal challenge, you also get a Hard mode, where the paint reserve dips very quickly; Panic mode, where you have 100 seconds to score as many points as you can; Heat mode, where ball groups are taken only when they are next to a 'hot' (red) pipe; and the mind-boggling Chroma mode, where you have to use different color combinations rather than balls of the same color.

With the addition of multi-player mode via Bluetooth, Crazysoft Paintball will have you swapping paint for points for quite some time.

Crazysoft Paintball II


Crazysoft Paintball II S60 3rd 1.3

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